I've caught the fever

8 April 2015

I thought i'd share a quick update on my incredible Gold Fever Hair Extensions.
I'm finding them so easy to manage,they are no work at all and they look amazing.
The before and after picture shows just how dramatic my transformation was and I havent felt this good in years ( The power of hair eh?! )

The team at my salon Roelle matched me perfectly and applied over 100 individual extensions to my natural hair,they don't look at all like extensions and people can't believe me when I tell them they are, 

Gold Fever Hair Extensions exclusively use Indian Ritual Hair that is 100% Ethical & Traceable.
After a year of clip in extensions I would now never go back,these extensions are amazing and have totally changed my look. They are super thick from root to tip and applied expertly by salons that have been hand picked by the Gold Fever team.

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