25 December 2011

A wee doe.

pretty new dress?

19 December 2011

JC lita dupes and outfit of the day

Just thought i'd share some pictures of these beauties before i go to work
this dress is from h&m and the shoes were £40 from missguided. pretty good knock offs i do say
must run to work
in the ice

byebye x
15 December 2011

fiver primark dress

Heres my new camera excited face

Got this lil number in the kids section in primark. i know,im very bad. Im planning on getting some boys skinny jeans aswell. anyway it was a fiver. whoohoo.
2 December 2011

vampy lips!

30 November 2011

Favourite pictures from sundays shoot

preppy long stockings fashion,available from their website tres soon
28 November 2011

Becoming obsessed with fake eyelashes...

How amazing is this makeup?! Its by Leah Jordan,what a talented lady
23 November 2011

Holiday reminissinn

I love this dress,i love cutout dresses in general,this was £6 in the newlook sale

This was from river island orginally but i got it at a vinatge fair forrrrr £3? something ridiculously redic like that

state of those nails.
Got those zara things when …

my prize possesion.

This is one of my favorite things
It should have cost me about £45 and i got it for £15 in tkmaxx
amazing right? Ive worn it four times,twice as a princess on Halloween,once to a friends mums fund raiser and once to an anniversary fancy thing
There are…
27 October 2011
This playsuit is from the kids section in newlook and it was like,£7? nice isnt it? Its not as pink as it looks here. The wedges are from primark and were £4,though the laces liked to untie ALOT. i have pins and needles now. im going to go and jump …


This is from ages ago,when summer was ending and me and two friends decided that we needed to do something before we were trapped by schoolwork again. So we decided to go to frankies house,get dressed up,eat cupcakes and try to fix her shisha. It wa…

hiya lads.

This is me at the launch. Wearing the green dress. I dont even know how much that was. Probs an extortant amount.

This second picture is of a very expensive dress from a boutique in norn iron. Probs the most expensive thing ive ever worn! xo
16 September 2011

Feel the rain on your skin

Shorts- big bang vinatge belfast

This was taken a while ago in Coleraine,where alot of others coming soon were taken. I really love these shorts but its coming into winter so i dont think i can pull them off as much with…

Dont go,please stay,you are the only thing i need to get by

PLaysuit-urban outfitters ( not even mine! )
Shoes-charity shop

This was what i wore to a photo shoot on Tuesday,Its nicolas,shes nice letting me wear it. it was totally freeeeezing. Eimear came with,that made it a lot lot better. it was fun with her …