25 March 2012

If you wanna come back its alright its alright,if you wanna come back to me

MAKEUPLESS ALERT! Im sure you don't mind.
Today i had a tres eventful day. Helen's bay with Helen and her lovely assistant Paula!
We had time to kill before the sun went down a bit so we took a few pictures for the blog!
Im wearing my own revol…
24 March 2012

Bad Boy Rock

Heres a little post about what i did. I had a very fun shoot with LJ and the crew! theres a little behind the scenes pic! Then i had lunch with the girlies and i wore this ramones tshirt with black jeans and red converse, ( thanks to uana! ) an…
18 March 2012

If money were no object. monthly lustings

topshop bag
topshop bag
zara blazer
topshop bralet
american apparel disco pants
topshop mint jeans
blackmilk leotard
topshop bag
h&m pumps

With a grand total of... £357. cheap as chips

12 March 2012

Regrets collect like old friends Here to relive your darkest moments

American flag top-primark mens section

These shorts were made by yours truly,and i like them very much and …
11 March 2012

Colette mc hugh shoot


Heres a few of my favorite shots from a really great shoot with Colette Mc Hugh,I really love her style of photography. Ive never been in a shoot that used backdrops so i was really excited to see how the pictures would turn out. And they a…

As long as I gaze on Waterloo Sunset, I am in Paradise.

dress- topshop,but bought on ebay for £6!
shoes-Jc lita dupes NV £30

Lets pretend it is now summer. This is a very summery dress. …
8 March 2012

Whats in my makeup bag?

Makeup bag- Dandy disaster designs
Eyelash curlers-primark
Powder brush-primark
Foundation brush-superdrug
Stiletto mascara-maybelline
Eyebrow kit-Elf
Waterproof mascara-avon
wake me up foundation-Rimmel
Skin base foundation-Illamasqua
Nail polish-Rimmel