24 September 2020

New York Tough

2020 feels like the shortest but longest year I've ever had, do you feel that?  It's September already and we all know that means it'll Christmas in 5 minutes time but it also feels like the start of lockodwn and zoom quizzes were a life…
31 March 2020

Irish in NYC.. during the pandemic

My first few weeks in NYC The last few days before lockdown 
Well, how times have changed since my last post. I've been working from home for 6 weeks now and working on 6th Avenue in a distant memory. I landed in NYC on the 10th of January and st…
26 February 2020


Well well well it's been a serious hot minute. I feel like I moved to NYC a week ago but it's nearly March already?! The weeks are flying by, I don't know if that's because of working life or just how it is here but I've already…
11 January 2020

First few days stateside

Hola lads!
I've now been in the states for 3 days, I've walked the legs off myself and only eaten pizza but it's been good craic so far! I'm settling in grand to my new flat and have been just kicking about town getting bits for my …