1 November 2012

She's always looking at me,She's such a charmer oh no

Tshirt-Mens section-primark jeans-urban outfitters £20 boots-0ffice £85 jacket-DIY leather bracelet-market  ear cuff-topshop £2.50

Hola all!
Ive been a very bad blogger. Do forgive me.
Things have been a bit busy recently,I just started back at schoo…
22 September 2012

Seasonal style!

Seasonal style you can’t go wrong with
As the weather is beginning to change and becoming more unpredictable there comes a time when most of us begin thinking about changing our wardrobe for the season. Classic styles and cuts are a good addition to …
12 September 2012
<div style="position:relative;"><div style="width:600px;margin:0 auto"><a href="http://www.polyvore.com/amp_boots/thing.outbound?.embedder=0&amp;.svc=copypaste&amp;id=60954354"><img width=&q…
5 September 2012

He-Shi Luminous Shimmer review!

I wont lie to you,I'm no tan addict. I very rarely wear fake tan,and i don't own any fake tan. Until now! My best friend is a self proclaimed tan addict,but i never saw the attraction of streaky tan that smelt like curry and made you loo…
22 August 2012

Passion for fashion

Party! I wanted to do two different party looks,one look for a more typical going out with friends party and one for a Christmas party. My "going out" party look consists of a gorgeous full white skirt that is £22 from top shop,a studded b…
23 July 2012

Monthy Lustings

£90 from the ragged Priest. A redic price for something that could easily be made by yourself for a fraction of the price. But the beauty of this jacket is Un-deniable. 

£65 from topshop.
I think i would sell my soul for this jacket. Ive been on t…
11 July 2012

There's never been another next to me, That means what you meant to me

Leotard-River island,but bought on ebay for around £7 Heels-Miss selfridge £20
Topshop beaded cuffs in the sale £3

Masquerade mask-some shop in Venice!
Turban-ebay Cheetah belt-MUA's own

Dress-Lipsy,bought at vintage mark £15

I don't want to…
6 July 2012

Of all the money that ere I had, I spent it in good company

shorts-DIY top- tk maxx & DIY
Ear cuff- oasap.com

Spike earrings- oasap.com

shirt-DIY shorts-DIY jacket-DIY Boots- river island £65Click here to get the earrings or earcuff!