31 January 2013

Recent shoot-outfit post!

Cream dress by rare,bought in tkmaxx- £17

Black bralet- topshop sale £15 pale pink sequin embellished shorts-topshop sale £25

These are some pictures from a recent shoot I did with the very lovely Paula McManus,i recently bought this black lace bra…
18 January 2013

Friday Fashion Faves

Ive about £30 left in my bank due to my inability to stop spending money on shoes/clothes. They are all worth it though,of course. I'd like to introduce you to my new babies. I feel like naming them,I love them that much. They are from office an…
13 January 2013

I belong with you,you belong me with you're my sweetheart

featuring Claudius the cat!

Crop top-DIY trousers-New look Blazer-Vintage Boots-office necklace-Newlook Watch-Michael Kors
Hey chicas

Happy Sunday to you all. Apologies for the dark pictures,I cant wait for Belfast to brighten up a bit.
This has bee…
5 January 2013

Happy new year!

2013 Resolutions
Blog way way way way way way more
start working harder in school ( lolz )
go on holiday and get a mega tan
learn how to drive
work on ra-ra riot
drink more water
do more shoots
eat less cake 

I think i took on too much with not enou…