Bella Malone X Equivalenza

18 April 2015

On Wednesday afternoon I made a trip to Rushmere shopping centre,a place I had never been but a place i will 100% be returning to.  Rushmere boats Topshop H&M River Island and quite recently the fabulous Equivalenza.

Equivalenza had over 500 stores in countries such as Mexico,Portugal,Spain,Peru and Ireland with plans to expand even more over the coming years. Equivalenza offers high quality carefully crafted perfume with a low cost philosophy.

In the rushmere store I was greeted by Gary Creaney and Nikkii Kennnedy,two staff members that know their stuff. As they took me on a tour of the store they explained every product in detail and they were able to find my perfect fragrance after just a few minutes. Both were extremely passionate about the store and their ethos and this really shone through as they spoke about their products.
The lovely Gary & Nikkii

Nikkii kindly helped me find not only my perfect perfume but also my perfect bodyspray- A gorgeous grapefruit scent that lasts longer than any I've had before.
The perfume is high quality at a low cost so the company has opted for minimal,simplistic branding which I personally love.

Equivalenza also offer beautiful gift sets that all carry the same scent to ensure that your fragrance lasts all day. The store also boasts a great range of candles,lip balms,and scent packages to use anywhere in the home.

I had a really great time at Equivalenza and i'd like to thank the team for their excellent knowledge and understanding of the company and it's products as it made my visit a very informed one!

You can visit the Equivalenza site here to learn more about it!