Charlie Miller hairdressing

27 October 2017

My travels are well and truly over for a while. After a mad week of going to Amsterdam and London I'm back in Edinburgh and straight back to reality. Luckily for me I didn't even have time to get holiday blues because I was straight back into the hot seat with Charlie Miller Hairdressing. If you missed my original post about CM you can check it out here and read about how I was transformed into a (healthy) blonde a few months back.

I went back to the South St Andrews street salon today to chat to my personal stylist Hayley about what we should do next with my locks. Hayley has looked after me since my first visit to Charlie Miller and I trust her completely with my hair. I spoke to Hayley about how much I was loving being blonde but also about how much I enjoyed having some of my natural roots coming through. So we decided to pull my roots down so they were gradual and less stark and Hayley also put a slightly ashier tone through my hair which is perfect for Autumn. I was given the Smartbond treatment again as well as the Kerastase Fusio-Dose homelab which is a at home hair care system that the salon will match to your exact hair needs, mine being moisture and strengthening. These kits are available from all five Charlie Miller salons and retail at £44.
I have the genuine FEAR sharing this before and after picture but it has to be done to show how much of an amazing job Hayley did, she's a hair wizard.
You can book an appointment with Charlie Miller via the website, over the phone or pop into one of their 5 salons across Edinburgh. Students can get 30% off all cut and colour appointments Monday-Thursday!

You can shop Charlie Millers amazing hair care range here