20 September 2016

Does this make me half Scottish?

Shirt- Cancer Research Trousers- Barnardo's Boots- Office Jacket- Missguided 

My love for this country seems to be ever growing. 
I'm not quite sure what it is about Scotland, It could be how similar it is to Ireland, their love of alcohol,…
14 September 2016

Everybody gets high sometimes

Bodysuit- Pretty little thing Trousers- Lavish Alice Duster Coat- Pretty little thing Nikes- Office
Happy Wednesday,
Uni has officially started and my flatmates and I have successfully made two 9am classes,which is quite the achievement. Long may i…
9 September 2016

Boux Avenue student ambassador

Tabitha silk teddy
A Lot had happened since my last post. I've moved into my new flat with my best gals and I've been having such an amazing few days settling in with them and having stacks of craic. I've also been announced as one…