The end is near

9 December 2017

How funny is the light change in these pics? They were all shot within ten minutes but It's getting dark scarily quickly in Edinburgh at the minute.

I haven't posted in over a month which is quite unforgivable but to be fair my uni deadlines have been stressing me out beyond belief but thankfully we have one more hand in and then we are free for Christmas! After handing in two big projects on Monday the girls and I have been pretending that uni is totally over and have been enjoying some stress free days even though we still have more to do. Chloe took the images above of what is possibly my most grown up outfit to date, I'm obsessed with these trousers and feel v v mature in them which is funny cause I'm 22 next week so I'm already mature I just don't act it. 

On Thursday I was lucky enough to be invited to Prettylittlething HQ with Caitlyn one of the other PLT sorority sisters. We had the most amazing day shooting Christmas content with the lovely girls who work with PLT and we got some gorgeous things to take home. I'm off today which is a novelty so I'm going to try and get my final hand in done because on Monday my friends, boyfriend and I are all heading to Belfast to celebrate my birthday which I'm buzzing about!