18 June 2012

Man time!

Meeting fellow FABB blogger Gemma & her  was really lovely! The models lookin tres dapper
Fashionable man time goers,with my plus ones in the background looking like they are up to no good The gorgeous people at Fashion Creep!

Lisa & Donna …
16 June 2012

Darlin you're with me always around me

My month in photos!

Come take my hand and I'll take your hand And I will bring you out

dress- topshop £22 boots- river island £65 socks-topshop £7 bralet-primark £6 jumper-zara&diy £7

Heres some shots from the shoot i did recently with Michael Kerr,for my little hat box. It was a really nice day,with some lovely peopl…

I could've been a princess,you'd be a king


Heres some shots from a recent shoot with the lovely Lisa Mc Cabe,based around the theme fairytales. I was chosen to be the princess and the frog,as im sure you can tell! It was a really great day with a really great team,so i thought i would…
14 June 2012

I could have been a princess,you'd be a king

My very first post on my iPhone. I've had it for about a month but I've been to scared to post on it,here goes! I had a shoot with the lovely Lisa mc cabe recently,with the theme of fairytales. I played the princess and the frog,I bad such…