First time for everything

2 October 2017

In my 21 years of living, the past maybe 6 or 7 I've spent wearing makeup. You'd think that over the years I would have a decent skin care regime going on.  Until Nu Skin came into my life I literally used cheap makeup wipes and micellar water the odd time, and I mean the odd time. The thought of taking my make up off fills me with dread most of the time, however I always do take it off because falling asleep with it on is the actual FEAR.

Anyway, Nu Skin. Nu Skin have saved my skin. I've been using the ageLOC transformation kit which includes a cleanse and toner, future serum, radiant day and transforming night. This box of heaven has everything I could need to kick my skincare regime into gear. I have normal to dry skin and after using the future serum I can't believe I ever lived without it, I normally put it on before my makeup after I've cleansed and it's a great base/primer for my foundation.
At lost village festival I was dishing out these goodies every morning to my friends to help our skin recover from the night before (the cleanser also helped with the excessive amount of glitter).

I've also been using the agelOC Tru Face Essence  duet and I can't even explain how amazing it is. When i first tried it I ran into my flatmates room to make her put it on.  It's for the neck and d├ęcolletage so I was already sold because I read years ago that your neck shows your age because people often forget to moisturise. Anyway, it combines two formulas to limit the loss of elasticity to promote contouring and visibly lift and soften the skin. it  I can only describe it as a gel like serum that is what I imagine collagen to feel like, its amazing. 

I'm now 100% converted to looking after my skin, long may it last.