27 October 2017

Charlie Miller hairdressing

My travels are well and truly over for a while. After a mad week of going to Amsterdam and London I'm back in Edinburgh and straight back to reality. Luckily for me I didn't even have time to get holiday blues because I was straight back in…
26 October 2017

Nu colour blogger event

I’m just home from London, after two days in the big city with Lewis. We were lucky enough to be invited to the Nu Skin “Nu colour” event which was a showcase of all of Nu Skins new makeup products. In particular the event was for the lip plumping b…
11 October 2017


Top-Prettylittlething Jeans-Prettylittlething Shoes-Superga
Happy Happy Wednesday,
I've spent my Wednesday hiding from the Edinburgh rain while shooting these images with Lewis and tidying my room (long overdue).  However I have had some exciti…
6 October 2017

I'm still addicted to buying jackets

Top- Missguided Trousers- Depop Hannahwah Jacket- Prettylittlething Shoes- Superga
My favourite thing to buy is and always has been, a good jacket. My wardrobe is full to the brim of jackets, some really random ones and most massively too big for m…
5 October 2017

Autumn Sun

Crop jumper-PrettyLittleThing Jeans-prettylittlethingPrettyLittleThing Vans-Office
Happy Thursday!
This week has flown by, just as every week seems to be these days. In preparation for Autumn I've started dressing for the colder weather, and Ed…
2 October 2017

First time for everything

In my 21 years of living, the past maybe 6 or 7 I've spent wearing makeup. You'd think that over the years I would have a decent skin care regime going on.  Until Nu Skin came into my life I literally used cheap makeup wipes and micellar wa…