27 October 2011
This playsuit is from the kids section in newlook and it was like,£7? nice isnt it? Its not as pink as it looks here. The wedges are from primark and were £4,though the laces liked to untie ALOT. i have pins and needles now. im going to go and jump …


This is from ages ago,when summer was ending and me and two friends decided that we needed to do something before we were trapped by schoolwork again. So we decided to go to frankies house,get dressed up,eat cupcakes and try to fix her shisha. It wa…

hiya lads.

This is me at the launch. Wearing the green dress. I dont even know how much that was. Probs an extortant amount.

This second picture is of a very expensive dress from a boutique in norn iron. Probs the most expensive thing ive ever worn! xo