The town I loved so well

17 September 2019

Hey all, happy Tuesday!
I just got back from Derry on Sunday and decided that I had to do a little post on the weekend. I went away with the "Queens" which is what our group chat is called and very aptly at that. We basically all met through the gram/events in Edinburgh and are tied together with our love for clothes and the craic. 

Caoilfhionn from Wearwhatworks and Eve from Decidedlyeve are both from Derry so it seemed like the perfect place for our first ever squad trip. So HannahDan and I booked our last (during a night out of course) and off we set to the walled city. 

We stayed with Caoilfhionns' dad who was the most amazing and generous host. There was no point where I was without a drink the whole weekend. We got a super early flight from Edinburgh on Friday morning after having a little sleepover at Caoilfhionns' house which consisted of gin, pizza and chats for days. We arrived into Derry at around 9am and were picked by Eves lovely parents who got up bright and early to take us to Caoilfhionns' house. We soon met Caoilfhionns' dad John who quickly made sure we knew that his home was ours for the weekend and also gave us permission to destroy his drinks cabinets which we did end up doing in due time. 
We had a wee cuppa and headed out to Johns offices to see his new business venture Store & Go a storage company. A guided tour later and feeling very inspired by Johns amazing businesses we were off to the city centre to check out Patricas Coffee House by the quay where we got fed and watered by Patricia herself who is a close family friend of Caoilfhionns'. We then headed off for a walk around town where we literally bumped into Saoirse Jackson who is the star of Derry girls. Dan was shaking because he's a HUGE Derry girls fan so we got some pics and left town absolutely b for buzzing. 

We headed back to the car and Caoilfhionn drove us to Buncrana to see the gorgeous beach there and for a pint by the fire in The Drift Inn.
We got back to keels house for a disco nap before getting ready to go for dinner at Pyke & Pommes which is on the Strand road in Derrys city centre. It was so so stunning, and the cocktails were flowing curtesy of John AKA Mr Wearwhatworks. 

After dinner we header to Peaders, a properly traditional Irish pub with memorabilia all over the walls and a trad band in the corner. This is where things got a bit fuzzy which of course means we were doing it right. 
After Peaders we headed to The Dungloe and then the Brickwork Lounge which is where this pic of me and my Han was taken. 
Fast forward to Saturday and with some serious hangovers we headed to the Guildhall Taphouse for a quick pint before we went on a bogside tour which taught us all about the events of Bloody Sunday. I'm very interested in Irish history in general so that mixed with my hang made a very emotional Aoife. We went back to the Guildhall Taphouse for some beaut chicken goujons and more pints and then to Sandinos which was my favourite bar of the whole trip. If you're ever in Derry I recommend a trip for a pint 100%.

After Sandinos we went back to Caoilfhionns' to get ready and have some champgage (what?!) before dinner at the Devine residence! I have no pictures from the night we spent with Eves' family but that surely just means it was a cracking night. We were supposed to head out to town at around 10pm but ending up chatting around the table till 2am. 

What I wore for dinner at Eves! 
Full outfit is Nastygal.
Sunday came before we knew it and I can't explain how devastated we were to be leaving. We got up and had some breakfast baps and a breakfast beer (what a combo), watched an episode of Derry girls and then got ready for our last day. John took us on a tour of Derry to show us where he grew up and to give us some personal history on Derry. We then went for a huge Sunday dinner and of course more drinks before going for a walk to the other side of the bridge for more drinks, then to The Blackbird for more drinks until we nearly missed our flight. We actually all wanted to miss the flight and were even more devastated when we made it. 

Cheers to Caoilfhionn, John, Eve and the Devines for the most amazing weekend. 
Footnote: Our bae Caoilfhionn Rose couldn't make this one because she was in BARBADOS but was there in spirit and we love you Cao.