Charlie Miller Takes On The L’Oréal Colour Trophy Awards 2018

23 May 2018

3 contemporary looks that were nothing less than impressive are what took Charlie Miller straight to the grand final of the L’Oréal Colour Trophy awards which will be held in London on June the 4th. 

Look created by Rosslyn Orr and Michele Began.
Rosslyn Orr and Michele Began created a look inspired originally by an Alexander McQueen show full of ultraviolet shades and hues, Rosslyn set her creative mind on using similar tones amongst blonde/icy colour. This season’s hair trends were shaping up to have lots of silver and violet so her choice was defined. Rosslyn Orr (aka Roz) is Salon Manager at Charlie Miller’s salon in South St Andrew Street. She has been hairdressing for 26 years. Michelle Baigan, Senior Head Stylist at the salon is supporting Roz who describes how working together has been an amazing experience: “Michelle cuts hair like none other and has been doing it for more than 20 years. She really understands a head of hair so to work with her has been incredible. I encouraged her to become a Colourist and she qualified last year. This is huge for her as well.”
Look created by Tammy Neillings
Tammy Neillings has been hairdressing for 8 years and she is the salon Manager at the Charlie Miller Ocean Terminal salon. After competing in the L’Oréal Colour Trophy last year and getting a taste for the competition Tammy just knew she had to compete again this year. This time round she has decided to set herself a challenge and has entered the Men’s Image Award. Tammy was inspired by current and future trends when it comes to both fashion and hair so Tammy decided that she wanted to create an image rather than a look. She wanted the hair to describe a personality and a lifestyle and has chosen  her male model to complement this. Think “young American”. 

After entering earlier this year and reaching the semi-finals Tammy’s team at Ocean Terminal has been well and truly inspired. The younger team in particular have been involved in mixing colour formulas. They are looking forward to see the final look at the semi-finals. Especially because they can say that they were part of the process. The team knows that one day, with the right support, they too can compete.

Look created by Leigh Forrest
Leigh Forrest has worked with Charlie Miller for an impressive 18 years and is currently the Stafford Street Assistant Salon Manager. After competing in last years Colour Trophy Awards Leigh was encouraged by the Charlie Miller directors to compete again. Leigh was inspired by the feminism movement and she became fascinated by contemporary movements and in particular the recent centenary of the Women’s Vote Leigh was spurred on to research previous decades. Leigh felt inspired by the 20’s in particular and the idea behind her look was born. “The 20s was all about female empowerment and about defying beauty norms. It was about women doing what they want, when they want and doing it looking how they want. Having shorter hair was one of the ways women expressed themselves and  inspired me to create my look. I have the same model as last year but have created a totally different look.”

The Charlie Miller stylists are ready to compete on the 4th of June at the L’Oréal Colour Trophy Grand Final 2018 and I'll be backing them all the way. You can purchase tickets for the big night here.

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Ocean Terminal(Leith)- 0131 555 1711
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