Eat yo crusts

13 March 2018

Dungarees- Monki
Shoes- Office

Can you tell that I ate my crusts when I was younger? It's not often that I embrace my natural curls but the odd time that I do I start to love them. This only lasts a short time before I'm straightening it to within an inch of it's life again. Today I went to uni for the very first time without my flatmates which is quite a big thing for me because I'm a big fan of skipping lectures, especially if my classmates/flatmates are. My commitment to being off the booze is paying off as I've finally started getting some real uni work done and that means when St Paddys day comes around I won't feel guilty for enjoying it very very throughly. 

My mum is coming to visit last minute tonight so we're going to have a movie night with the girls in the flat, then afternoon tea at the Dome tomorrow and a show tomorrow night also with the girls! My mama coming over is the real test for me when it comes to drinking cause she loves a Bacardi so I feel like I'm gonna be tempted to join her. Will keep you updated!! 

Photography by my wonderful flatmate Chloe, check out her blog here  !