Clue // less

9 March 2018

Dress- Nasty Gal
Top- Nasty Gal

I feel like fashion/trend wise we've really gone back to the 90's and I'm loving it (obviously) I love the idea of girls wearing power suits and tartan skirts, tartan anything really. I'm especially feeling the chunky white trainer trend!! Theres some trends I know I'll never buy into, like joggers or the metallic puffer coat that was everywhere for a while, just not my thing and I know the trend will pass at some point. Suits and cute clueless inspired dresses however are timeless (In my humble opinion).

Also I wish I could say these beaut trainers are mine but they belong to my flatmate Adele, they're like walking on clouds but I'm always wary of high tops cause I think they really shorten my legs, I was assured by all flatmates that they don't which is why they've made an appearance.