Back to my roots // with Charlie Miller

22 July 2018

The time has come for me to return to my roots as a natural brunette. It's been nearly a month since the amazing Charlie Miller literally transformed me into the most perfect shade of blonde I could've ever imagined. I won't lie, I've loved being blonde so so much and I was genuinely really nervous about going back to brown but I thought it was about time for a change so I bit the bullet and went to see my stylist of 11 months Hayley at the South St Andrew Street. Hayley has been looking after my hair since I started working with Charlie Miller and I honestly look forward to my appointments so much just so I can catch up with her, as you can probably see in the images above. She's an expert in hair, and when she was discussing how to take me back to brown with another stylist it genuinely sounded like she was talking in code!

The whole process took around 2 hours, and two gins later I was suddenly a brunette again. Hayley transformed my hair through different stages of dying and really took her time getting my shade just right. Hayley blowdried and curled my hair to finish my blonde to brunette transformation and I felt so much more mature instantly. With one year of uni left I've decided that I'm going to be a very productive, sort my finances out and kill it when it comes to uni (touch wood). 

Contact numbers for all 5 Charlie Miller salons are listed below so you can book in for your very own transformation.

Stafford Street(West End)0131 226 5550/1
South St Andrews Street(City Centre)0131 556 9898
Fredrick Street(George street)0131 225 1141
Ocean Terminal(Leith)- 0131 555 1711
Holy Corner(Bruntsfield)- 0131 447 0099

You can shop Charlie Millers amazing hair care range