New in beauty

2 April 2016

Happy Saturday!
I've been MIA for ages now, it's been a busy few weeks,

I finally got a flat in Edinburgh with my main gals which I'm delighted about!
I also passed my driving test which was a bloody miracle but i'm not complaining. 
I went a bit mental online and bought all of the above, as well as a morphe palette and more brushes but I'm so in love with all of my purchases so I've no regrets. 
I'm currently in the process of packing up my whole life in Scotland to move back to Belfast, It's so weird thinking that I've nearly finished first year already but it's funny to look back on how scared I was when I first arrived, totally unaware of how much I'd enjoy living here. 

I've had the best year ever and I can't wait for next year in Edinburgh to up this one.