Lighthouse livin

14 April 2016

Let me start by saying i'm not the most 'outdoorsy' girl and my wardrobe matched that perfectly, until now. 
I recently discovered 'Lighthouse' which is a very exciting upcoming clothing brand here in Northern Ireland. 
It's from the same brainiacs behind Target Dry (the lovely company that sent me to Belsonic last year) and is made up of beautifully designed pieces made for your adventurous side. 

I choose the gorgeous Haven cotton sweater which zips right up if it happens to be super cold outside!
I went for a walk with my lovely mother today and brought a coat but the sweater is so well made and warm I didn't need a coat!
Lighthouse has inspired me to get out into the wild more, and also reminded me that I haven't been to the beach in years which is very sad really.
Hopefully the Northern Irish summer will meet my expectations!