First few days stateside

11 January 2020

Hola lads!

I've now been in the states for 3 days, I've walked the legs off myself and only eaten pizza but it's been good craic so far! I'm settling in grand to my new flat and have been just kicking about town getting bits for my room to make it as homely as possible. I only brought one case over with me, ONE!!! I have no idea how I thought that was a good idea but to be honest I vaccum packed everything I possibly could and made it work. On Friday I trekked 4 bags and a set of drawers back home on the subway, I only got on 2 wrong subways that day but made up for it that night when it took me a good hour and a half to get home when it should only take half an hour. It'll probably take me months to actually work out the subway cause I have a tiny brain but I'm sure I'll get there eventually.  

I went out with a friend from camp on Friday night and had only eaten one slice of pizza that day so I acc got pretty steaming and felt so peaky on Saturday. 
When I finally shook myself from the hang I ended up spending the whole day kicking about Brooklyn, mostly Williamsburg and then I went vintage shopping in Bushwick which was a huge success and I can't wait to go back when I get paid. I got a bomber jacket and a yellow cord shirt in L train vintage after my good friend Daniel recommended it to me. I just chilled last night and today is my last day before I start work tomorrow (fear) so I'm just going to make sure I know the route to work for tomorrow and get myself ready tonight!!