8 January 2019

Skirt- Monki
Jacket- Monki
Jumper- Monki
Boots- Primark

I've just woken up for what could be my last ever care free nap before fourth year hits me like a steam train. I'm back to uni on Thursday and will have a stressful few months ahead of me which is sad because I've really enjoyed not hating my life over the last few weeks but hey ho.

I took these pictures today all by myself (proud) because Lewis didn't have time before work and I didn't have any of the girls to ask because I'm in Glasgow at the moment. Pretty happy with how they turned out all things considered! The outfit helped no doubt, it's all Monki and with my black coat over it it's just about weather appropriate. I'm so ready for summer to return so I can get back to wearing my fave things and stop layering up.