Ciao Bella

27 February 2018

Nicce Hoodie- womens hoodies 
Jeans- Prettylittlething

It’s literally been a hot minute since I last jetted off somewhere so yesterday I was back at Edinburgh airport and on my way to Venice.  I feel like I've hardly been home this year with all my trips but I'm not complaining. My mother very very kindly got Lewis and I a trip to Venice for our Christmas present and I couldn't be more grateful. I had been to Venice once before when I was 11 and it had a lasting impact on me, I've been wanting to go back ever since. So here I am typing this from my hotel room as we had to get inside to heat up again, although it's sunny it's absolutely freezing! 

Lewis kept telling me to pack loads of layers but of course I didn't listen and instead I packed some questionable skirts, heels and crop tops. I did however remember to bring this gorgeous Nicce hoodie that I was kindly sent. Which you can find here. It's so comfortable that I've been wearing it non stop for the past few weeks and my god I'm glad I brought it to Venice.  We've been spending the day walking around cathedrals and watching the gondolas go by, it's been amazing!

The hoodie is super soft and oh-so comfortable. Its been a long time since I've actually worn a decent hoodie, finding myself just chucking one of my boyfriends to stay warm when walking about the flat, but you can GENUINELY tell the difference between your bog standard and Nicce garments. I went for the birch grey drawstring hood, with cuffed sleeves and hems, its great to wear with jeans joggers, or something for leaving the gym on these freezing cold days and nights (that show no sign of stopping soon!) 

All in all, its a simple, high quality, comfortable and cozy hoodie. You cannot go wrong with that!

Photography by Lewis Strang