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5 October 2016

Happy Wednesday!

I hope you're all having a decent week so far and aren't too freezing. It's gotten absolutely baltic in Edinburgh since last week and we are refusing to put the heating on because we are poor.
The jacket I'm wearing is from and I've wanted it for around 8 months so when my student loan came in that went straight in my basket.
It's not the warmest for Scottish weather but I wont get pneumonia in it if I wear a jumper under it so it's ideal. You can grab it here

As you are all probably aware had a 50% site wide promotion last week and I went into panic buy mode and went mad. No regrets.
I picked up this beautiful chartreuse playsuit for £22.50! You can find it here.
I also bought countless bodysuits cause I'm living in them these days.

I've just gotten a second job so I'm trying to fit uni, blogging and the sesh in between working but hopefully the content will be coming regularly.

Photography by.Adele Russell.