Ever since I left the city

3 October 2015

Dress- Missguided
Bag- Primark
Heels- Office

I seem to go weeks without feeling homesick and then it all hits me at once,I had a mini breakdown in weatherspoons tonight-classy. 
 I finally booked flights to go home early November (five whole nights) but the idea of Christmas is what i'm really living for.
I'm having such an amazing time at Heriot Watt being surrounded by amazing creative people but as cliche as it sounds,there's nowhere like home. 

I stole this dress from my good pal Adele (who is soon to start a blog all about androgyny styling) and I loved how minimalistic it was so I paired it with my fave office valentino inspired heels and this beautiful embellished clutch that cost me just £6!

I plan on doing either a full post or a youtube video if I'm feeling brave about my uni experience so far so stay tuned for that. 

Stay classy,
Cya Tuesday