I've caught the fever

22 June 2015

Photography by Norwood photography

It's not been three months since I had my Gold Fever Hair extensions applied and I can honestly say I'd never go back. There's something so weird about having long hair for most of your life to have it suddenly cut short (due to some serious bleaching).

I went blonde during the summer of 2014,went back to brown in September and my hair honestly didn't grow for a full year. I wore foxylocks for a good year and a half which often looked slightly unnatural and were honestly just super annoying to have to apply everyday (and reapply when they slipped out).

Also,clip ins aren't so great when you're watching a movie and your boyfriend decides to go anywhere near your hair without loosing his hand in the mass of metal clips. 
It was March of this year that I traveled to Newry to have my Gold Fever Extensions put in. I had done a serious amount of research into bonded extensions and I've also had the pleasure of seeing some awful sets while in work. I knew from the outset that Gold Fever was the Rolls Royce of hair extensions,and I know a few girls that already had them so I had total faith in the brand and the specialist salons they had selected to stock the hair. 

Three months on and my hair is in perfect condition. When on holiday Aaron was watching me get ready and I started saying how amazing the brand is,he then asked to see the actual extensions because he had never even noticed them before. Bear in mind that I see Aaron most days and he is constantly touching my hair. If that's not testament to Gold Fever's quality then I don't know what is.

The extensions were a dream on holiday,I have a natural curl and my extensions seem to follow my natural root to give  me a natural looking wave without doing a thing. The pictures above of me on the beach were taken after swimming in the sea. Amazing. 

I don't know if I'll ever be able to let my extensions go,they've given me a massive confidence boost and to be honest I do think they've changed my life,very dramatic I know,but it's the straight up truth.
You can find your closest salon and more information here.

I'd highly recommend you invest in this amazing hair,you won't regret it.