26 February 2020

Well well well it's been a serious hot minute. I feel like I moved to NYC a week ago but it's nearly March already?! The weeks are flying by, I don't know if that's because of working life or just how it is here but I've already nearly been here for two months. I'm trying to keep more of a record of my time here so I'm going to start posting a NYC update at least monthly, just as a digital diary for myself if anything.

I was sure I'd be so homesick when I finally got here but I honestly haven't had a minute to think about or miss home. I kept saying it would hit me at some point but it's been two months so touch wood it never comes for me. I obviously miss my amazing mama but I melt her head everyday so we talk constantly anyway. I did hit a badyin on the subway one night when all my friends were out in Edinburgh, but we'll pretend that never happened.

This weekend I'm planning my very first sober weekend in NYC... so far my plans are to watch the rugby (in my gaff and with a coffee) go to a spin class and get some outfit content for next week. I also plan on reading more of a book that my gorgeous friend Emily sent me over with a lovely card. I'm spending way too much time on screens now that I'm working in an office and want to get in the habit of reading so I'll take myself off to a cafe to read and edit images on Sunday. I'll be sure to update whether any of this ends up happening or if I end up in a bar like I have been the past few weekends.

I have my first visitor in 2 weeks so I'm trying to save coin for them coming but having only brought one suitcase over with me I'm desperate to get new clothes. I live a ten minute walk from some amazing vintage/thrift/charity shops so I've been spending alot of my weekends there finding serious gems. Including this leather jacket that I haven't really taken off. I took these last weekend when the weather was absolutely stunning - it's raining today so that didn't last long.