Six by Nico Edinburgh - Cooking New York

9 October 2019

Six by Nico Edinburgh
Course 1


Tomato Ketchup / Swiss Cheese / American Mustard
Six by Nico EdinburghCourse 2


Smoked Ham Hough Terrine / Brown Butter Hollandaise / Quail EggSix by Nico EdinburghCourse 3


Cacio e Pepe Agnolotti / Pumkin Seed Pesto / Pickled PumpkinSix by Nico EdinburghCourse 4


Barbecue Leeks / Lemon Gel / Roasted CornSix by Nico EdinburghCourse 5


Smoked Flat Iron Steak / Jerusalem Artichoke / Lovage Emulsion / Brisket CroquetteSix by Nico EdinburghCourse 6


New York Cheesecake / Apple Compote / Roasted Hazelnuts

I was inivted along to try out Six by Nico last Tuesday evening and was absolutely buzzing about it. Six by Nico had opened up in Belfast not too long ago and I heard loads of great things from people back home so I was delighted to be able to try it myself.

The theme for the next 6 weeks is New York and my lovely friend Hannah joined me to see what the NYC menu is all about. It's no secret that I'm a very plain eater. Chicken and potatoes are my favourite foods and when it comes to eating I'm 100% no adventurous. Which means I'm an entertaining date when it comes to high end/creative restaurant. That being said I actually did very well at Six by Nico. I was pretty starving and decided to give everything a try for once in my life. Top picks were the mini burger, the cod, the steak and the cheesecake was UNREAL.

The portions are so small you don't think you'll be full at all but after the fourth course Hannah and I were genuinely struggling but we powered on.
Huge thank you to Six by Nico and Skapa PR for having us!