7 October 2018

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Good morning friends, it's a new week and I'm on the train to uni all by myself for possibly the first time. Adele is in Prague to celebrate her girlfriend Rachels birthday and Chloe's in London visiting her boyfriend Max so here I am on my way to the good old boarders of Scotland on my lonesome. It's nearly mid October so Halloween plans are coming in thick and fast. For some reason I'm not a massive Halloween fan, probably because my mum isn't as they didn't really celebrate Halloween too much down south in Eire. Like mother like daughter eh?

Adele and I shot these images in London when we were there for uni at the start of September, the suit is from ASOS Design and is such a statement piece. I can't wait till I have a beautifully organised wardrobe full of beaut timeless pieces but until then I'll continue to have an incredibly messy wardrobe with way too much in it. My boots are Missguided and I've barely taken them off since I got them, the perfect dupe for the Dr Martens Jadon boot but for a quarter of the price- winning!