Current life ramblings

17 August 2018

My mother comes to stay for a few days to check out my new humble abode in Leith & we meet Lewis for dinner followed by cocktails in The Corinthian which was as my mother would put it To die for.

We hit up the fringe and saw Foil, Arm & Hog an Irish trio of sketch show comedians that I've been following for years and they didn't disappoint. We stopped into Mc Sorelys Irish bar not the way home and found a class cover band playing so we ended up drinking more than we should've but having loads of craic. 

Casa Billez held their first (and possibly last due to the number of noise complaints) house party which proved that Casa Billz is the people not the place!! More on Cash billz here

I started interning at Oh Polly just over a month ago and have been loving every minute of it. The girls I work with are so nice and have welcomed me very well into their team. I now get up at 6.30am as opposed to my usual 10.30am or later alarm time but as hard as the adjustment of sleep has been I'm more than happy to get up and go because I enjoy being there so much. Never though I'd have said I'm happy to get up at 6.30am but here we are in 2018 and I'm acting like a normal grown up, who'd have thought it.