Check up on it

7 April 2018

Top- Stradivarius 
Blazer- Stradivarius 
Skirt- Stradivarius

Happy Friday!! 
I come to you today serving you checked realness in this amazing Stradivarius co ord. It's not even an exact match which is what I think I like the most about it, the blazer is to die for. In other news the girls and I have to move out of Casa Billz :( 
The rent has gone up by a huge amount and we just can't afford to stay here anymore. I spent alot of yesterday crying about it which I know sounds ridiculous but I can't even explain how sad it made me feel. I couldn't stop thinking about the past two amazing years we've had in the flat. We've stood on the tables and sofas and screamed national anthems and Macklemore songs into the wee hours of the morning and sat on the floor of our dimly lit hall eating dominoes. My whole relationship with Lewis started and continued in the flat and we always used to say "It's me, you and these four walls". 

We've got a new flat, in Leith which is a really gorgeous part of Edinburgh that we're yet to explore so I'm looking forward to our next year in a totally new place but I'll never forget the Casa Billz years. All we have to do now is plan a killer moving out party!

Here's to Casa Billz x