Check mate

14 February 2018

Converse-  ASOS

January and now February have flown past me before I could even stop and let it sink in that 2018 is well and truly upon us. It freaks me out to say that I'm nearly half way through my semester at uni and this year isn't the most inspiring or creative so me and the girls are finding it hard to stay motivated. I've turned my attention more to blogging than uni this year, ( my mum will go through me for a shortcut when she reads that) but I'm glad to say I've already seen results from my improved commitment to blogging with some exciting new collaborations in the pipeline and of course my on going collab with Prettylittlething.

After going to Gran Canaria and Newcastle, as well as having Venice next week I feel like I haven't had a minute to myself, and I've also not stopped drinking due to all these trips so I'm ready for a detox. (after Venice of course).

Outfit deets are tagged as always but are also available on my 21 buttons or Looker account!