Back to school

7 January 2018

Shoes- ASOS

Just like that Christmas break is over and we're back to uni on Tuesday for our second semester of third year (fear). The years have literally flown by and before we know it we'll be in fourth year and will have to think about leaving Edinburgh and our beautiful flat. Having time off before uni starts has been so nice, I honestly love nothing more than just kicking about our flat doing nothing. 

In 9 days Lew and I will be heading to Gran Canaria for some winter sun cause we can't bear this miserable weather anymore. We booked it on which I highly recommend for broke students like me, you just pay a deposit and then just pay it off bit by bit!

In prep for the holiday I'm back to the hair gods that are Charlie Miller tomorrow to get my roots done so I can be super blonde in the sun, expect and update tomorrow!

You can shop Charlie Millers amazing hair care range here