Back to reality

1 September 2017

Lost Village is now, sadly, a distant memory. Something about being at Lost Village makes you forget what life was like before, and what life will be like after the festival. It was like we were in our own world, a world full of amazing outfits, house music and expensive food. 

I'm back in Edinburgh, working away and preparing to start third year next week. 
I honestly feel like I've been in uni for two months and it's been two years. Lost Village was the best way to spend an incredible, but not long enough summer. Goals for this year are to clear my overdraft (good joke) and survive uni. My lovely mama came to visit for a few days when I got back from Lost Village but I was working so much/was so exhausted we barely got any time together.
Luckily I'm planning a massive squad trip to Belfast, bringing the scots to the homeland and letting them experience Limelight for the first time. 

Tomorrow I'll be a guest blogger at Electric Fields festival and it will be my last blow out before uni starts. If you'll be there tomorrow look out for me I'll be style spotting!