ageLOC Galvanic Body Spa

21 July 2017

Despite the weather in Scotland I promise it is actually the middle summer. After just having an amazing time in Croatia, I'll soon be heading to Yaughal, a seaside town in Cork,Ireland. Not quite Croatia but I'm hoping for some similar weather.
No matter where we're going or staying we want a to feel comfortable enough to show some of our body off during the summer months. 

I'm always on the lookout for summer essentials to keep toned and to help with the anti ageing process. I was very kindly sent the ageLOC Galvanic Body Spa to try out. The reviews for this product are absolutely amazing, with some impressive before and after images of happy customers.  It is a system that works along side the ageLOC Body Shaping Gel to achieve a more firmed, toned, younger looking body and it can be used on the legs, arms and stomach. Theres also a similar product to be used to the face to combat wrinkles.

The Galvanic Trio comes with the Body Spa, ageLOC Body Shaping Gel and ageLOC Dermatic Effects. It is really simple to use, you apply the body shaping gel to your arms, I used a 10p size piece of the shaping gel as it does go a long way, as soon as you apply it, it is cooling and will instantly reduce any puffiness in your skin. 

The optimized pulsating technology helps to stimulate your skin, it will help to purify and refresh  your skin, as well as helping to reduce the visible signs of aging. It will also help to enhance the features of your ageLOC Shaping Gel for up to 24 hours. Stimulating the skin also helps it to glow, instantly making you feel better and more radiant. You can see from some of the images how you can really feel the pulsating technology work. The machine beeps every ten seconds to let you know how far into your treatment you are which is really helpful.

The pulsating technology helps to stimulate the skin to purify and refresh your skin, therefore reducing the visible signs of skin ageing and celulite. The ageLOC Body Spa is grooved in shape so that it goes over your skin easily and it helps to get the ingredients of the shaping gel to work into your skin. The Body Spa will beep as it goes over your skin, this means that it is working and you have a good connection between the skin and the Body Spa. You can really feel it work which exactly what you want from a high end product like the Galvanic body spa.

You can buy the Galvanic Body Spa, Dermatic Effects and Firming Gel in the Trio Set for £408.72, which is your initial layout and a fraction of the price that you would pay at a spa over a period of a few months. Then as you need more ageLOC shaping gel or the Dermatic Effects, you can buy them separately for £46.44 each. They do last a while because you don't need to use too much,

The Galvanic body spa trio is perfect for all ages and seems to be working incredibly well for me on cellulite, I'll post a follow up review on how it's worked over a two month period so you can see exact results.