Meet the Casas

14 June 2017

After deciding that we would move in together, Chloe, Firdous, Adele and I had at least 10 flat viewings that we tried and failed to get. After thinking it wasn't meant to be an we would have nowhere to live come September, we found the perfect flat. We were so desperate that we would split up to view flats at the same time so Adele and I arrived early to a viewing, we were incredibly hungover and I was probably still drunk. As we were early the landlord let us see the flat first, despite it being a group viewing. Ten seconds after getting past the front door we gave eachother the "We need this flat look". The landlord explained that it was a first come first served viewing and we needed to get to the Estate agents and hand them the deposit before it could be ours. We jumped in the closest taxi and got the cash to the office just as another group arrived, to be told that we had already secured the flat.

 Casa billz is what we call our flat, we hashtag it and have no shame. 

  Meet the Casas:

Chloe/Mama Billz


Casa billz would not be standing today without Chloe Ann Wilkes. Firdous Adele and I would have burnt it down by now. 

I've seen Chloe balance with one foot on a ladder and one foot on the top of a door to put up the flags in our living room. She's moved my wardrobe from one side of my room to the other cause I couldn't move it an inch. She cleans the house, cooks us banana bread and makes us tea. We both also share an affinity for shit reality TV and have been found on my bedroom floor binge watching things like love Island, towie and big brother for hours on end. Chloe isn't like anyone I've ever met before, she's eccentric and hilarious. She'd do anything for anyone and is incredibly kind and thoughtful and is more beautiful than she'll ever realise. I had always been amazed at how good chlo is at liquid liner so I asked her how she did it, the next day she came home after buying me the exact liner she uses so I could have the same one.

Neither Chloe or I made it out on our 21st birthdays. Canny hack it

 Firdous/Baby Billz

My first memory of Firdous was the first day of freshers and she had the most beaut acrylic nails on and of course looked drop dead gorgeous. I swear on my hair firdous is one of the funniest people I know. She works incredibly hard at uni (she does fashion while Chloe Adele and I do fashion communication). Her garments are always amazing and I'm already excited for her final collection even though it's two years away. 
Firdy is crazy stylish and thinks of outfits I never could and is the tiniest of us even though she's a wee hungry monkey. Chlo and Del love the gym but firdous and I are allergic to it so sadly we don't share their passion. Her and her boyfriend Danny (Danny billz) are the cutest thing ever, last time we had a party I wouldn't leave their side cause they were entertaining me so much. Danny's going to be a doctor and firdous is going to be bigger than McQueen. Ya heard it here first.

Adele/ Della Billz
Off her rocker

Del and I became close after the first few weeks of uni after discovering we had similar childhoods both losing at a parent at a young age (her mum my dad). Along with us both having a key interest in vodka & the same humour we were a match made in heaven. Del is a gorgeous tiny pixie like girl but has a big personality and is also, like Chloe, off her rocker. She's covered in tattoos (the only tattoos I've ever liked on someone) loves guacamole and action movies. Our favourite movies to watch together involve planes for some reason. (Watch red eye if you haven't already). Del is big into photography and is incredibly good at it, after doing a module in photography at uni I still don't know how to use my camera. Del has taken a lot of my pictures for the blog and even came with me on a shoot for uni to change my settings for me, I really am that bad. She's off to America to see her lovely girlfriend Rachel for 6 weeks and the flat won't be same without her. Especially cause you'd be able to hear her singing in the shower from Edinburgh to Belfast.

Del came to stay with me and my family in Belfast for a week over New Years after knowing me for about 2 months. We were either drunk or hungover the entire time. She's like a second daughter to my mum and a sister to me.