Filthy Velvet

15 August 2015

Karen Shirlow & Jeremy Moore are the brains behind this provocative and witty brand. The happily unmarried couple wanted to create an offbeat brand which reflected their two quirky personalities. Feminine and masculine, sexy and modest, fun and serious, Filthy Velvet is a very satisfying contradiction.

This unconventional online shop displays the first of Karen & Jeremy's rebellious creativity - A range of bad ass scented candles aptly named "Scented Scandles" are not only sinfully delicious but each scent is personalised with its very own cheeky name.

Using only the finest Fragrance Oils, high quality natural wax and cotton wicks each candle is hand poured from the couples seaside home in Northern Ireland. With an excellent scent throw and a burn time of approx 40 hours these Filthy little Scandles are sure to leave you smiling. 

I went for "WTF" a gorgeous christmas scent of citrus orange and lemon, followed by warm cinnamon and clove, resting on a base of woods and musk. Other candles I loved were VPL,Busty Blonde and Filthy shades of grey. The burn time on these fab homegrown candles are approx 40 hrs. I plan on taking it to uni with me to get me excited for christmas,and my birthday which is also in December. 

Each candle comes with "filthy bits" These filthy bits are wax melts fragranced to the maximum for use in oil / fragrance burner. I'd have included a photograph of my Filthy bits but i've used them all up already-they're amazing!