Lights and action strong attraction

3 March 2014

Jumper- H&M £20
ripped boyfriend jeans- forever 21 £25
heels- "on top" from office £65

" 8 weeks left girls" is all I've been hearing in school lately. I'm going to do a post on some girls in my year explaining their plans for the immediate future,its such a stressful time for us teens and I love hearing about the different paths that people choose when they hit 18 and get kicked out of school and into the real world. 
 Literally haven't stopped wearing this jumper since I got it a few weeks back in H&M,It works with errrrthing and I adore it. I've already ripped it,but I kinda like that. Never thought I'd be brave enough for mom jeans but I'm also lovin these forever 21 ripped lookalikes,I'm a confessed joni jeans lover but I've been ever so slightly converted,and they look fabby with black converse.  These shoes don't need an explanation. Incredible. 

Happy Monday chicas.