Liverpool calling

3 November 2013

I recently went to visit my big brother Caolan in Liverpool,that's where he's at university and my mama and I went over to see him. ( to go shopping )

He's having the time of his life and is bankrupt already-obvs. 

The shopping didn't disappoint and it's safe to say that I'm actually in love with forever21. I plan on heading back in January with the boy there will be less shopping (depending on his patience) but more alcohol cause I'll finally be legal!

 We also hit up the gorgeous Carnatic spa and enjoyed a mud treatment,sauna,jacuzzi and a Swedish hot stone massage. The spa itself is situated in-between a beautiful suburban street and the staff were so lovely.

 We stayed in the signature living hotel and as you can see it was incredible. We got a great price for the room because we stayed mid-week and We were lucky enough to stay in a 'sanctum' room,with 3 double beds,huge sofas,iPod docks,a huge tv,a kitchen and a giant juacuzzi. The hotel also had possibly the nicest staff ever. It was the best.
 We weren't complaining.

I highly recommend both signature living and the carnatic spa. We had such a great time and I cant wait to be back. It was nice seein my bro again too,spose. 

Happy Sunday!