I know you could make my wish come true,If you let me treasure you

7 July 2013

I'm still livin it up in Tipperary

I saw this top in primark for £6 and instantly fell in love with it. 
Just the fact that it was backless was enough for me to say- "I don't care if i need to stop spending money,I actually need this."

Its actually made from a good thick quality material and it has some ribbed detail that you might be able to see.

These shorts are a pair of wranglers that I DIY'd. They are my favourite pair because i think the shape of them is perfect,even though they are crazay short. I got this bandanna in Primark originally for my hair,but I looked like i was trying to be Rita Ora too much so that didn't last long. My boots again are my fave pair from river Island,their hayday has been and gone but I'll never give them up.

Today i found out that there's a 3 floor charity shop not too far from where im staying,so im plan on ripping it up tomorrow,Post to follow of course!
Hope you're all still enjoying the sunshine,I'm planning on using this week to get a SERIOUS tan.