How I style: Topshop Joni Jeans

3 May 2013

I recently bought the topshop "Joni" jeans and im actually in love with them. I don't think i'll ever take them off. So here's how I've been styling them!

Night out

Primark Bandeau crop top
Office heels

I got this top for something crazy like £3 in primark last year. I love Aztec print so I grabbed it straight away.
Its really quite short though so I don't get to wear it as much as i'd like. 
Maybe when the sun comes out eh?


Primark Red cami
Primark turquoise necklace
Office ankle boots

Im actually obsessed with camis,i love how delicate they look. Topshop have started selling ones
exactly like this one for £15/£20 but I got mine for a fiver! There are so many primark items in this post.
I love me some primark

Casual Camo

h&m Mens section top
Primark shoes&hat (mens section)

I really love this top. I got in the men's section of h&m and cut it up.
 And how cute are these shoes?
I got them in primark during my trip Glasgow cause i was wearing heeled ankle boots that were killing me.
They came with navy and red laces. £6. crazy. love em


Primark crop top
Miss selfridge maryjane heels

I love these maryjane heels,ive worn them once. Such a waste cause they so nice.
Im loving this top,i was going to go for black but my mama persuaded me to get the burnt orange colour cause i never really wear alot of colour. Its all lace at the back and again,it was something crazy like £4
luvin it!


Newlook strapless striped top
Primark bag
Office ankle boots

This is something i'd wear to work. I got this strapless top in newlook for £6,its perfect for summer and it looks really cute with high waisted shorts. Ive needed a new bag for so so long. I wanted to find the perfect one so i searched online for ages,after still being undecided i ended up getting this cream and navy one until i find the one of my dreams.
These boots are called untouchable,you can check em out here.

Thanks for reading,Cant wait for summer!

Hope you all have a great weekend!