She's always looking at me,She's such a charmer oh no

1 November 2012

Tshirt-Mens section-primark
jeans-urban outfitters £20
boots-0ffice £85
leather bracelet-market 
ear cuff-topshop £2.50

Hola all!

Ive been a very bad blogger. Do forgive me.
Things have been a bit busy recently,I just started back at school, and I started working in office again. Leaving me very little time for the blog/ra ra riot. Im hoping (fingers crossed ) to have the Ra Ra Riot website up and running by Christmas  So im sure there will be a good few posts on that coming up. This weekend im shooting levity breaks new video for their song "broken hands" Though i do have to get up at 5am and be on the set by 6am. Getting myself up for 5 should be interesting.

New jeans-in love. Urban outfitters sale-£20 oh yes. Its getting really really really cold outside these days,so i need to start pilling on the layers soon. How'd ya like my new boots? They are my work shoes,i love burgundy so i thought i'd go for that colour rather than just black. I must stop distracting myself,I have two essays to do for school. wehhh

I hope you've all had a great Halloween,and happy 1st of November!