If you wanna come back its alright its alright,if you wanna come back to me

25 March 2012

MAKEUPLESS ALERT! Im sure you don't mind.
Today i had a tres eventful day. Helen's bay with Helen and her lovely assistant Paula!
We had time to kill before the sun went down a bit so we took a few pictures for the blog!
Im wearing my own revolutionarylove shorts,red converse and a zara jumper that i got for a £5 in the sale! But i studded the neckline to jazz it up a bit. Oh! and the cute little feather hair clip was 50p in Primark. I do love that little clip. I spent the rest of the day covered in green clay,followed by floating on a mattress in the middle of the sea covered in flowers. As you do.

Byebye! x